Selling Our Boat

Published On October 14, 2015 | By Mark Baese | Recreational Boating

As we get to the end of another season and the boat slips around us start to empty, it’s that the time of year I start to think about selling the boat.

I often think about selling our boat and buying a new one. I think most boat owners do.?I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t seem to have any real attachment to my boat. It’s one reason we’ve never really named it.?The amount of work and money we’ve put into redoing the bottom, new canvas, rebuilt?engine – you’d think I’d feel some sense of loyalty, accomplishment or attachment to it. I don’t.

Call it footitis, or maybe just dreaming of something different and?newer. The idea of a bigger, better boat is always on the horizon – even though it’s usually not necessary.

Having said all that though, I haven’t sold it yet despite listing it for sale almost every winter. Each year I list the boat for sale, and get a few inquiries, some of which are serious. I’ve even shown the boat to a few people. Never sold it though. I think part of me knows that I won’t find a boat that size in that good of condition without spending considerably more money.


This year things are a little different though. Our needs are changing. Our boat may no longer fit into what we want our boating lifestyle to be.?As we have thoughts?of travelling beyond our lake, we’ve come to the realization our boat may come up a little short in a few areas.

I’ll be listing the boat for sale again in the next few days, curious to see what the response will be. (We’ve always had a great amount of interest).

Who knows – this may be the year we actually sell the boat.

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