Our Top 10 Things To Do While Boating

Published On September 10, 2015 | By Mark Baese | Recreational Boating

Julie and I love to take off boating for the weekend. It’s pretty much our version of being at the cottage or in an RV, except it sways back and forth – and any leaks are generally not good.

So what do we do when we’re on the boat? Pretty much the same things you’d do at a cottage on the lake. These are our top 10 favourite things to do while going out overnight on the boat


10.?Enjoying the sunset. I would also say sunrise, but who are we kidding. There’s no way Julie and I would ever be up that early.


9.?Listening to a ballgame. I must say that I’ve really hit this one hard lately. Might be because the Toronto Blue Jays are in first place for the first time in September since their last World Series win. Julie says she doesn’t mind listening to it – but I know what she really means: “I don’t want to hear a peep from you when I watch (insert girly tv show here)”.

8.?Cleaning. I know, I know. Sounds tedious and the exact reason?you get away from your house – but I find it relaxing. Plus, you’re taking care of your boat. If you take care of it, it’ll take care of you.

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7.?Cruising the fancy houses. In case you needed more evidence the lake was the place to be, it’s where everyone builds their fancy houses. We love to just slowly cruising by on our way to and from the evening’s destination.

6.?Morning coffee. Yes please! Waking up to calm waters and freshly french pressed Columbian beans is a real treat. Sitting outside on the water in the early morning summer haze is about as relaxed as you can get.


5. Barbecuing. I should probably just mention food in general here, since we snack a lot while we’re out. However, being on the boat forces you to use the BBQ in a way you may not normally think of – liking making boat nachos.

4.?Watching a movie. This is where the list gets serious. Watching a movie on the boat before bed is one of our favourite things because it’s usually so calm and quiet on the water, it makes for a great environment to relax in.


3.?Playing fetch with George. It’s awesome. Our?Vizsla just jumps in without fear to fetch his ball. He’ll do it repeatedly while we sip cocktails on the swim platform.

2.?Swimming. I mean, what good is having a boat if you don’t like to jump off it from time to time. Especially where we boat. The lake is usually pretty inviting on a hot summer day.


1. Playing Gin Rummy. Ok – I’ll start this by saying I’m not very good at it. Julie has kicked my ass all summer long. However, it makes number one on the list because we play every time we’re out. We can kill hours by just playing cards and enjoying each others company.

These are 10 of our favourite things to do when we’re on the boat – what are yours?

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